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Travel industry insiders know that pre-trip research -- and even trip booking -- is increasingly being performed via mobile apps. Any serious travel writer or blogger needs to be looking at these travel apps as a potential outlet for publication and brand building.

Trisha Miller Editor-in-Chief, Travel Writers Exchange

Your memories fade with time, distorting your judgement, and when you give the same advice for the 100th time your description might fall short of how amazing your secret tip realy is. Can't wait to use TravelGap to provide my friends with the travel tips they truly deserve!

Marc Travelled through Asia

A great idea that deserves growing bigger! I wish I've had TravelGap during my previous trips. It's going to be way more practical to gather my friends advice on travels. A true life simplifying, time saving tool, and a new way to share good moment with my friends!

Constance Chassany

An innovative concept, and a revolution of the travel sector if done well. Would've loved to have it during my previous travels. Like the prototype! Good luck!

Tobias Giger World traveller | Blog

If this works, I could finally stop asking for tips on Facebook every time I go somewhere new. Good luck fighting the Goliaths of this industry, TripAdvisor & Co.

Nikola Zic Co-Founder | youknow.ch

Exchanging travel tips between friends is something that people do already. That’s why it makes sense to me, since it brings everything together on one platform and makes that exchange easier.

Michel Bürki Travelled through Africa

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